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William L. Silvaneus

Speaker-Change Architect-Coach

To Change How Politics Are Conducted?

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It is Time to Re-form Politics

It is time we the people step out of the current political echo chambers and find our own personal authentic voices.

(Authentic - not false; not copied; genuine; real.)


One characteristic of an authentic voice is understanding your own true motivations. One of the problems of an inauthentic voice is that we often have mixed, incompatible motivations.



Seven Characteristics of Authenticity

(and the eight signs of an inauthentic person)

Echo Chamber Diagram.png

Tired of Being a Number, Not a Human Voice?

The political polls, the election process, the Legislative and Executive Branches of Government have reduced "we the people" to numbers. The political systems have flipped representative democracy - rule by we the people - to rule by the political systems. And those systems no longer search out the voice of the people, but look for people to copy their party's voice, people to represent them. Those political systems have transferred true power to themselves then created rules, customs, and traditions to protect their power.

The Result? - All Out Political War!

It is time for political reform.

It is time for we the people to take back

our constitutional role.

It is time for we the people

to find our own individual political voices,

to stop being echos of the system's voices spoken with manipulated emotions.

Be a voice, not an echo.

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