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William Silvaneus

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Dehumanized Labels Kill and Create

Massive Dysfunction in Every Setting

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Show/Story Ideas:


Ø We Need to Start Training Our Brains Now to Be Able to Handle the Leftover Negatives of the Covid 19 Crisis (Crises change our brains.) 

Ø When Our Labels Dehumanize People, We Hurt People We Care About (Our brain subverts our hearts.)

Ø An Examination of Political Dysfunction Despite Our Unifying Need (Negatives locked the political grid. We can unlock it.)

Ø The Strange Math of “They Didn’t Vote for You, They Only Voted Against Your Opponent” (Meet the humans behind the labels vote and voter.)

Ø Is There Hope for the All-out Political War that Has Gripped Our Nation and the Political Establishment?  (Time to hijack our brains.)

Ø How the Coronavirus is Increasing Racism & Why That Hurts Us All. (What the Covid 19 says us about race.)

Ø How to Prepare Your First-year Child for the Problem of Bullying. (Stealing the power of bullying before your child steps through the door.)

Ø The Underlying Brain Function that Creates Political Gridlock, Hurts Business Profits, Causes Compassion Services to Dehumanize Their Clients, and Undermines Our Best Intentions (The dangers of a shot of dopamine.)

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