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How Did Political Discord Morph into Gridlock? Can We Fix It?

The human brain has a preference for negative bits of information. Of the 400 billion bits of information it receives per second, it processes the negative first and rewards itself with a shot of dopamine for each bit. Only, then does it process the positive and neutral bits. 

The dopamine gives a sense of reward, but it comes at a high price. Dopamine, especially the amounts received from super neuro-highways created by the massive amount of negative received in today's world, also produces:

  • Compulsions and Perseveration.


Dopamine shuts down reasoning and cognition because it is the old fight or flight chemical in the brain.

William explores these brain-based functions and together we look at their effect on the political processes, their contribution to the entrenched negative responses occurring in the legislative process, and gridlock.

Particular attention will be paid to the power of negative labels and how dehumanized us/them labels shut down dialogue and reinforce perseveration. 

This gets so bad that irrational arguments and foolish decisions can undermine the individual legislators, especially the leadership.


1) Participants will be able to lay aside blaming and shaming as they realize where the true power of negative labels comes from.


2) Participants will be able to evaluate how the labels they use and the labels used against them dehumanize political actions and undermine their work, good motives, and goals, plus steal votes and turn our national conversation into all-out war.

3) Participants will walk away having together taken the first steps needed to modify their brains' negative process and use it to return labels to being tools of progress and change.


This presentation can be delivered as a


  • keynote speech

  • workshop or training

  • one-on-one coaching

  • consulting sessions

  • a confidential mastermind group.

Content can be individualized or modified to speak to other contexts than the political sphere.


William would welcome working with you and/or key staff to identify your needs and create a plan to meet those needs.

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