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Are you tired of the adversarial way politics works? Are you like me? Do you hate the widening divide?

Time Change How Politics Are Conducted Now

Improve your communication skills and you can improve your electability, as well as your impact

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  • Could your organization's inner thought process be getting in the way of your electability?
  • Having trouble reaching the public and getting the response you need?
  • Keep losing supporters or feel like your campaigns aren't going anywhere?
  • The coronavirus has turned traditional on its head but is it just unmasking changes we already needed to be making.

Surprisingly, every one of these issues stems from the way our brains use words and labels. With tools of awareness, you and your staff can gain more skills to meet each of these challenges. It takes some thinking outside of the box, but you have the means to be heard and to make a real difference in getting (staying) elected and making a difference.

Are you tired of the adversarial way politics works? Are you like me? Do you hate the widening divide?

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Change How Politics Are Conducted NOW!

The roots of racism during the coronavirus pandemic may have more to do with the brain and its love of negative distortions than racial genetics. The same cognitive distortions that we also see in current political speech worldwide.

Is Your Group's Inner Thinking Process Hurting Your Campaigns?

It Happens Easier Than you think

Politicians blame the other party and their supporters for the negativity.


Constituents increasingly grow to despise both parties and their supporters equally.


What if it's your groups use of labels where the problem really begins?

Our Labels Often

Dehumanize People and Hurt Populations We Care Deeply About

How our labels dehumanize


Even positive labels, labels we think we are dealing with efficiently, slide into negative results.


Often, we are unconscious that we have fallen into this brain trap.

You can fix the problem and reap the practical benefits of doing so.

They Didn't Vote for You. They Only Voted Against Your Opponent


Alienated Constituents  Can Be Reached

In today's politics winning doesn't mean you won if the voters define the labels different than you.


Polls continue show that the population does not trust either party nor our governmental institutions. 

What's up with that?


We win the vote but still are losing. How does that work?

The politics of perseveration may yet kill America. It's latest iterations even during the coronavirus are particularly galling. Do Pelosi, Trump, and the other top leaders even know that they have it? Who will teach our first term legislators what it is and how to avoid it? After all, there is no medical cure.

“When our labels do not mean the same thing, we are no longer speaking the same language”

- William L. Silvaneus

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William is ready to talk to groups large and small. Together we will take the first steps that propel change.


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