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How Our Labels Dehumanize Voters

Dehumanized voters might as well be dead voters. Either they do not vote for you or they simply stop voting at all. Of course, a few might still participate, but they will be among the 78% of Americans who see Congress and elected officials as a group of ineffectual politicians who are out of touch with their constituents. That attitude even taints legislators and elected officials who are new to political service.

Our methods of polling to determine what voters or constituents in general think may work for statistics but produce unintended consequences. These consequences result in a breakdown of human trust and human interaction. Most likely they buttress failure to vote and provide an increasing mental justification for turning people's backs on the whole political process.

The old adage "we have always done it this way" and its twin "but this is what works" are killing our campaigning and political connection to the voters post-election.

Dehumanized voters in turn mentally dehumanize the politicians, bureaucrats, and our elected officials justifying anti-government angst. Left unchecked these public attitudes result in the breakdown of the rule of law. After all, why should we pay attention to these un-human people? They don't see us as being as fully human as themselves.

On top of polling, the whole elections' media and campaign processes become a numbers game. People resent being numbers. This too has degraded the words vote and voter to dehumanized labels. 


1) Participants will be able to lay aside blaming and shaming. They will gain a new framework for moving forward with re-humanized campaign strategies and constituent outreach. 

2) Participants will be able to evaluate how the labels they use and the labels used against them dehumanize political actions and undermine their work, good motives, and goals, plus steal votes and turn our national conversation into all-out war. 

3) Participants will walk away having together taken the first steps needed to modify their brains' negative process and reopen the channels of creativity and positive mental rewards.


This presentation can be delivered as a


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  • consulting sessions.

Content can be individualized or modified to speak to other contexts than the political sphere.


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