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They Didn't Vote for You.

They Only Voted Against Your Opponent

 Alienated Constituents  Can Be Reached

Anecdotally, during the last presidential election and many other elections since then, I have spoken to hundreds of people who indicate their vote should not be considered an affirmation of the candidate they voted for but rather as a statement of dislike or distrust held against the other candidate. Various studies and polls have confirmed this new mindset when voting though quantifying its effect on those elections remains elusive.

Can political parties and elected politicians, given the apparently significant voter shift to this phenomenon, legitimately claim a mandate to govern or even assume support for their party platform?

What kind of brain process creates a fertile ground for "you can't count my vote as support for you"? How does our physical brain reinforce it and create the power for that mindset to become the primary decisionmaking process for voting decisions?

What kind of new math does this create for campaigning and the legislative system?



1) Participants will be able to recognize the power shift by the people has the potential to disrupt current political theory and practices. They will personally become alert to and perhaps leaders in the development of the new normal that will replace them. A normal driven by the mindsets of the voters and constituents, not the current top-heavy political party structures.

2) Participants will be able to evaluate how the labels they currently use need to be redefined and how to free the current automatic label creation processes from their predominating fight and flight preparation to reinforcing those new definitions.

3) Participants will understand how the pace of our current culture and the constant flood on negative information have reshaped American thinking and cannot be ignored if they wish to find support for their dreams, good motives, and goals.

3) Participants will walk away having together taken the first steps needed to reach the alienated constituents.


This presentation can be delivered as a


  • a confidential mastermind group

  • keynote speech

  • workshop or training

  • one-on-one coaching

  • consulting sessions.

Content can be individualized or modified to speak to other contexts than the political sphere.


William would welcome working with you and/or key staff to identify your needs and create a plan to meet those needs.

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